Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 at X’11 Canada

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Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 is the new sequel to Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, the #1 fitness game on Kinect. At a recent Xbox event, in Toronto Ontario, I had the opportunity to meet with game designer Nicola Godin and try out the new title. Not only was this my first time with Your Shape but also only a handful of times I had ever tried the kinect. I had a TON of fun and can’t wait to try it further!

Sharon and Nicola pose in front of Your Shape FE 2012.

Exercise your way with a customizable, social and fun experience that delivers serious results. As one of the most extensive fitness offerings on the market, Your Shape includes over 90 hours of activities. Your Shape provides an even wider array of activities to suit your tastes and fitness goals, including zen classes, latin dance and boot camp. The state-of-the-art motion tracking has been pushed to the next level with brand-new floor movements and an enhanced feedback system that guides you on how to improve your technique and results.


    • WHERE FITNESS AND MAGIC MEET – Your Shape will take players into a stimulating world showcasing an array of captivating visual effects and an environment that will transform as their workouts evolve in the game. The improved player projection will allow players to see themselves in the Your Shape universe and keep a close eye on their workouts.
    • FITNESS YOUR WAY – You choose how you want to play! Do you want a personal trainer to help meet your set fitness goals? Or do you want to focus on a specific muscle group? You can also build a program around the time you have to work out.
    • A WORLD OF FITNESS IN YOUR LIVING ROOM – Your Shape contains activities for everyone and anyone. Players will be able to try new workout routines such as Latin, Hip-hop, Pop, African and Bollywood. There’s a broad selection of classes and games available, including Zen, Kick Boxing, Boot Camp and Jump Rope. A new and unique feature called Run the World will enable players to run virtually through the streets of New York, Paris or London and enjoy the environment.
    • BEST-IN-CLASS TRACKING NOW WITH NEW FLOOR MOVES – With an enhanced feedback system, players can now get feedback on how to improve their technique and results. With this recent technology, Your Shape now tracks floor movements, allowing new activities such as push-ups and sit-ups.
  • MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS AND CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS – Using Your Shape Center, players can monitor their progress, challenge their friends and see how they rank against players from across the world. They can also share their achievements on Facebook or keep in shape using Your Shape mobile applications. With hundreds of millions of calories already burned, our goal is for the community to burn 1billion calories collectively by the end of 2012.
Check out the gameplay/interview here and be sure to watch for the Q4 release of Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, just in time for holiday gift giving. *ahem* Santa, did you get that?

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Sharon is an artist who freelances in illustration, graphics, and web content. Be sure to follow her on twitter @myasharona and catch her as co-host of podcast The DPOD From The D-Pad.

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  1. I spent three days working out / playing with this game, and it surpassed my expectations in some ways, and also fell below them in others…

    My biggest problem is with the personal training program. There is little room for customization. For example the first two days I did the Men’s Health Ultimate Workout (it’s their most intense workout). It gave me a very good workout, I was impressed (I’ve done P90X for 2 years and was worried on the intensity). I went to do it the next day without them changing up the routine at all. I was doing the same exact workout. The game description advertises “Never do the same workout twice” Really? Because I just did!

    I decided to change things up a little today and do a bicep workout called “Arm Busting Bicep Workout” You do a total of 9 sets, but it’s only 4 actual routines jumping between bicep curl, shoulder press, back row, and another. Not necesarrily bad EXCEPT these are the same workouts from the Men’s Health Ultimate workout. Not impressive if you are looking for change up.

    By deciding to do the Bicep Workout today to change things up for myself it wants me to start all over on Ultimate workout, instead of having 10 sessions to go, I have to do 12 again. It would have been nice to combine seperate routines into 1 personal program for the variety.

    There are two fitness classes… Cardio KickBoxing and Zen. I did the Cardio KickBoxing two times. It’s a good workout, but you will probably be doing the same exact workout over and over and over if you continue to do so long term.

    UBI pushed the ability to keep track of your results online. It wasn’t available day 1 , but they got it up the next day. The site recorded my progress from Thursday and Saturday, but is missing my results from Friday which is disappointing. They still have to workout (no pun intended) the bugs on the site integration.

    Don’t get me wrong, this game gives you a good workout. I really dislike the ability not to customize. That’s bad for people like me who are experienced working out, but may be good for people new to working out that need guidance. You definitely will get results if you stick to it, but just be prepared to get used to do the same workouts over and over again.

    Bottom line: Wait for EA Sports Active 2. Your Shape will give you a good workout, is great for people new to fitness, and will give you results, but EA Active 2 will offer more workouts and customization.

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