Welcome to MyaSharona.com


My name is Sharon and I am a freelance illustrator, graphic artist, and of all things creative.

Writing has been a professional hobby of mine for the past 3-4 years. Having written for printed and web publications I have made an attempt to amalgamate as much of it as possible with this blog.

Here you will find an archive to all of my internet musings surrounding my gamertag MyaSharona as it has appeared on the web.

This ongoing archive of my work as contributing editor and freelance writer around the web includes work featured at:

  • FromTheDPAD.com (Jan 2012 – present)
  • GamerFitNation.com (Jan 2011-February 2012)
  • GirlGamer.com (April 2010- April 2011)
  • YourHealthisLow.tk(2009-2010)

I will also include exclusive content from time to time.

The archive will include:

  • Articles, reviews, and news!
  • Writing samples (mostly game related but occasionally not), other geeky related randomness.

I’m always looking for new opportunities on a singular or ongoing basis. Please feel free to add’n’play and, as always, I’d love to hear from you so drop me a line.  🙂

XBox Live/PSN/Steam:: myasharona
Twitter: @myasharona

email myasharona at gmail dot com

Please feel free to contact me for a link to my illustration, art. or photography portfolio. You can also ask about lunch and learn, team building, or creativity workshops.

  1. Hei,

    Sharona, I understand you are a very creative person! I love creative people. I too am a writer, published three books so far, an Engineering consultant, Music composer and singer.

    Mail me to kgjawarlal@yahoo.com

    I shall send few pieces I have composed and sung.


  2. Oops : nice blog 🙂 Keep work on it

  3. Any plans to do an article on Battle Slots?

    Great site BTW -John

    • Hey, thanks for the comment.

      I hadn’t planned to buy anything else right away but after your comment took a good look at Battle Slots. It looks interesting and I may have to move it onto my “to get” list.

      Do you play?

      Thanks for the rec!

  4. I played the demo after my friend got the whole thing from Walmart for $19. Its kind of a different take on D&D RPG games. Slots instead of dice. Who knew?


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