The NES Challenge

The MyaSharona NES Challenge.

The year was 1991. As a gleefully naive eleven year old,  I wonder what ‘war’ really means while I follow the news regarding turmoil in Iraq. The shortcuts on my computer take me to LemmingsHugo, and my favorite of that year, Duke Nukem. While the family nintendo enjoys a useful rotation between my brother, myself, and our friends, having a computer in my room at eleven years of age (and honestly even long before that) means uninterrupted game time. The result of my indifference to consoles at the time made for many missed hours of game play with popular NES titles.

In my NES challenge I intend to take a look back at the titles I missed. Some games good, others not, but all having a place as “a bit of gaming history that I missed”.

The challenge has begun!

Game  #1: Adventure Island II

Game #2: Wrecking Crew

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