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The DPod Episode #21!

The feature podcast of the website  is the DPod. I cohost this wonderfully fun podcast and in Episode #21 some of my favorite guests appeared. Be sure to have a listen!


The DPod Episode #21


Released November 18, 2012

Nick & Sharon join Nick & Matt to talk about the Wii U Launch, Halo 4, more ragging on Assassin’s Creed, and Gabe Newell Presents The Gabe Newell Hall of Fame. Also: Zynga stinks!

Co-Host: Sharon
Special Guests: Nick & Matt from Player 1 Loves Player 2

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Also: I am working on making some art for the podcast, here is the first concept sketch:

(Work In Progress!) 

Update: Guilt, Games, and Podcasts.

The biggest understatement in regards to this blog and amalgamation of my work would be “I haven’t had time”. There has been so very much happening in my life over the past year, that I won’t go into, that this has kind of taken a back seat. The good news is that I have recently renewed the domain here at and am excited to continue to link you to my work around the web and provide some fun, less formal, content directly.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the backend of and am overjoyed with the team of writers we’ve developed over there. Our video content goals have slowed down over the past few months for personal reasons but we’re live streaming when we can and working on getting this aspect of the site ready for the new year.

SO what’s new that I can share?

Well my most recent appearance on The DPod was a ton of fun and you are welcome to give it a listen:

The DPod Episode #17

As well I am knee deep into Borderlands 2 on the 360, plugging away at Guild Wars 2 on the PC, and every now and then I continue my progression through Persona3 PSP.

Thanks for your continued support. I look forward to bashing you over the head with more gaming related goodies in the months ahead.


Hanging out in the DPAD

This week cohosts Nick and Sharon talk about Mass Effect 3 (almost exclusively), Draw Something for IOS, and Shining Force Neo. Yes, you read that right.


Head on over to the DPAD to hear Episode 3 of the DPOD.


Hanging out in the DPad

Dear friends and visitors,

I am happy to announce that the inaugural episode of the DPod has finally been posted at

Be sure to check it out HERE and submit your questions to sharon at from the dpad dot com to be read in future casts.

Thanks for your loyalty.