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GFN Gives Back: Mike Cichowicz Winner of PS Move and Tomb Raider Trilogy

We say THANK YOU to  Mike Cichowicz

You may recall, a little while ago, GamerFitNation launched the GFN Gives Backprogram in which we reward supporters of the site with great prizes. We are happy to announce that we were recently able to name our first winner!

Congratulations to Mike Cichowicz of Norwalk Connecticut who won A Sony Playstation Move and TombRaider Trilogy for the PS3. Mike was our 25th donator of $5.00 or more and for helping support the site, GamerFitNation wanted to give back.

“I’m so happy I got to win the move and tomb raider! Thanks GFN!”

What is the GFN Gives Back program?

To recognize the support of its fans, GamerFitNation is launching a new program to thank supporters of the site. The GamerFitNation Gives Back initiative will give donators an opportunity to win great prizes which will be related to gaming and health.

Read more about the program at

Poll: Motion Gaming

While at Fan Expo Canada at the end of August 2010, I had the opportunity to try out the
major 3 console party's motion gaming controls.
I most assuredly formed some opinions about the titles and the responsiveness of
the controls.

I've come to the conclusion that whether willing, or kicking and screaming, my
anticipation of all households containing one system with motion gaming is a
confident one. 

My question is: which one will you buy into?

Have you tried any of them?