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Bioshock Infinite: E3 Trailer

Bioshock Infinite: E3 Trailer

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Quite often I like to razz the staff about their various “fandoms”. Let’s face it, we all have those products, titles, or franchises that resonate with us more than others. Well now it is my turn to let out a fan girl *squee* of delight as I share with you the E3 Trailer for the newest iteration of one of my favourite franchises, Bioshock.

Irrational Games is back at it and, boy howdy, have they been hard at work. With an all new environment, a new scenario, and new abilities, this first person shooter utilizes a modified unreal engine 3 and will see release early in 2012.  But you already knew that right? So let me cut to the chase and tantalize you with a new trailer and some exciting screens.

Ken Levine, creative director and co-founder of Irrational Games, has been all over E3 this week talking about the new title. In a bombshell announcement at the Sony Conference he disclosed that Irrational would be integrating PSMove functionality and that we should expect to have Irrational on the PSVISTA.  So now that I have shared one of my most anticipated titles of E3, what’s yours?