Gears of War 3 Will Cost You

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Filed under ‘Things You Don’t Really Need’ is a new Limited Edition Xbox 360 Controller for Gears of War 3. Your purchase apparently also gets you ‘free’ downloadable content which, in all honesty, kind of irritates me a little. Let’s forget the fact that if content comes as a bonus with any purchase it isn’t exactly ‘free’ and focus on why the trend of extra content has become a standard money grab. Because you know $60 isn’t enough to pay for this type of game. o_o


Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some gears myself. I own and played the first two installments, I enjoyed the Gears of War 3 beta on Xbox Live, and I anticipate the third just like most. I won’t even argue the fact that this licensed controller is really hot because, honestly, it’s awesome BUT it’s also just another way to get at your hard earned money if you really want that extra content. Would you really buy a controller for some extra weapon skins? Perhaps! But that is money that could be going towards your next game purchase. If you have the extra cash and are a fan, great, this is for you but for most hard

working folks being a fan of any well established franchise is starting to become an expensive pass time.

Currently, is the only place in the UK that you can order the officially licensed Microsoft and EPIC Games controller.

The controller features the famous “bleed-out” symbol of Gears of War, and comes with free downloadable content that allows you to download unique weapon skins on the game, making you really stand out from other players.

Other than having the striking Gears of War design, the controller also possesses a unique transforming D-

pad that makes switching weapons that little bit easier – giving you the edge over your opponent just when you need it, who will most likely be using the standard Xbox 360 controller.

GamingZap are taking pre-orders on it from now, and are expecting the item in stock within the next two weeks. Me? I’m going to pass on this special edition and oh so pretty design in favor of the lowly standard controller, and long for the days when downloadable content extended the life of a game rather than just steal my money for things that should have been included in the first place.


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