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Chances are that if you were born sometime after 1987 then your recollections or impressions of the cold war are easily unimpressive if existent at all. The “cold war” refers to a long running political conflict between the communist soviet states and, primarily, the United States from 1946 to the early 1990s. The result of this long running conflict, aside from the obvious civil wars, revolution combat, invasions, and military conflict, was a fascination with related toys that spanned decades. What better setting for Toy Soldiers: Cold War to take place than in the bedroom of a 1980’s child fascinated with military trinkets.

Signal Studios’ sequel to Toy Soldiers, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, is a fun new take on their initial tower defense gameof the same name. The setting, specifically the era, allows for a great amount of movie and toy box nostalgia for those of us in the 30+ demographic, and incorporates all of the fantastic cheesy action that made the 80s so great. The game features 1980s-era military technology, and is like previously eluded to it is based around the idea of military aggression escalating between the United States and the USSR. Toy Soldiers: Cold War features a blend of third-person action and strategy.

The toy box is your tower and there a number of places where you can set up your camps. The exciting part about your camps is that you can jump in and out of them to control them at any time. Often I felt as though I needed to participate in this first person action to ensure success. The ability to control your RC vehicles also comes in handy as you may choose to let your camps battle it out while you fly around in your RC helicopter unloading a wave of missiles so long as your battery is charged. Increasing your score also allows for special barrages and one of the very first barrages I achieved unlocked our good friend Rambo..erm..”commando”  who was released spewing a healthy dose of cheesy lines and bazooka blows while you lead him to take out a wave on enemies on the ground. There are all kinds of strikes and bombs to unlock to help you destroy the waves of toy soldiers, in all matter of military aggression, who are coming for your toy box.

As I played through the campaign the more waves I killed the more money I made. This is important because your camps will need repairs and upgrades throughout the game. You will need these upgrades as you prepare for the inevitable boss that comes at the end of the level. It seems like one foul swoop of the boss, or a simple roll over, and all your camps are gone, so it is important to consider your tower defense strategy in the midst of all of the action.

There are numerous multiplayer options available in Toy Soldiers: Cold War and given the campaign and the multiplayer modes this game is a great value for your dollar. Unlike more tower defense games Toy Soldiers: Cold War will keep you interested for a long time. While the game could easily become stagnant and repetitive, it rarely does. The Top Gun and Rambo references, the overt nostalgia, and the variety in game modes, all allow for hours of enjoyment. Becoming a decorated hero means earning achievements for things like using a fighter’s machine gun to destroy a soviet fighter or surviving more than 9 rounds in any survival game. Decorations will help you squeeze even more value for your dollar out of Toy Soldiers: Cold War on Xbox Live Arcade.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War by Signal Studios is available on XBLA and according to their official website we may be in store for some upcoming DLC.




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