Rock the Tragic Kingdom!

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Rock the Tragic Kingdom!

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Rock Band 2 full band Pic

Still playing RockBand?

Well then you are going to love the new DL Content for RockBand 2 available now on the Wii, 360 and PS3.

As of last week all three consoles are now offering a new package for fans of the 1995 No Doubt Album ‘Tragic Kingdom’. The third release for No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom, sold over 16 million copies worldwide and received a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Rock Album’. The album included 14 tracks and 7 singles, pushing the album to certified diamond status in Canada and the US, platinum in the United Kingdom, and triple platinum in Australia.

Wii users are given the opportunity to download their favorite tunes one by one while Playstation and Xbox users can grab them as a bundle.

According to Games Editor at Softpedia “The band sued the publishers [of Guitar Hero] claiming that their likenesses were used without permission in the Band Hero spinoff to play songs coming from other bands although they only gave permission for their own material. Activision tried to defend itself by saying that both freedom of speech and copyright provisions allowed it to do what it did but a judge ruled that No Doubt could go ahead with the suit and ask for reparations from the videogame publisher.”

Now with No Doubt and RockBand2 we can rock our way through one of the most notable No Doubt albums, Tragic Kingdom.

No Doubt album art from Tragic Kingdom

Origianal Album Tracks included:

  1. Spiderwebs
  2. Excuse Me Mr.
  3. Just a Girl
  4. Happy Now
  5. Different People
  6. Hey You
  7. The Climb
  8. Sixteen
  9. Sunday Morning
  10. Don’t Speak.
  11. You Can Do It
  12. .World Go ‘Round
  13. End It on This
  14. Tragic Kingdom

Rock Band continues the popular franchise with Green Day: Rockband expected to drop later this year, as well news of the third edition of Rock Band which has been confirmed as being in development without specific details regarding release date or platform.

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