Plants vs Zombies for iPhone

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Plants vs Zombies for iPhone

Posted by Sharon on May 10, 2010 · 3 Comments

Plants vs Zombies Screenshot

There’s a Zombie on your lawn!

Well it is zombie awareness month and look what’s happened; another apocalypse. These zombies, unlike in some previous predictions, are slow moving and fiendishly adorable. With Multiple IAA Nominee, Plants vs Zombies, it is your time to defend the place that you call home. First released for Windows in May 2009, Plants vs Zombies may have just celebrated its one year anniversary but only recently reached iphone February of this year.

This tower defense game by Seattle based PopCap Games, may contain some not so original concepts (zombies, tower defense, etc) but is delivered with a twist of fun originality and smooth graphics with easy to learn game play. Appealing to the casual gamer, and to some who like to be a bit more strategic, Plants vs Zombies is a well received game for your mobile device.

The game begins with a plan view of a yard, your yard, which has lost all but a single strip of sod. The early part of the game acts as a general tutorial, introducing you to the plants and vegetation needed to fend of the slow approaching zombies from the neighborhood. At the end of each strip of sod (increasing in number as you further in the tutorial until you may utilize the entirety of your yard) is a running lawnmower; your last line of defense should those pesky brain seekers penetrate all the way to your domicile.

The unlikely infantry, your plants, are purchased with sunlight. For this reason it is imperative to plant sunflowers in abundance to secure a steady income. As you maintain your sunlight supply you are able to purchase various other types of undead fighting … plants. Potato Mines, Peashooters, Cattails, Hypno-shrooms, Cabbage and Melon-pults, and  Planterns, etc are all able to be seeded to fend of the unwanted house guests.

Buy your infantry from Crazy Dave

Now it is important to bear in mind that you are fighting zombies with…. plants.

Heck, even *I* eat plants, so yes, once arrived, the zombies will help themselves to a salad before the main course. Because of the relative static (and by relative I mean completely unmoving) nature of your warriors a certain level of strategy is involved to truly succeed which can equate to approximately 6-8hrs of game play in total. Each level of the game requires strategic play for you to achieve an ultimate zombie-less existence. The plants as well as the zombies are chalk full of personality and humor. One of PopCap Games most celebrated details, the sound, is also enthralling. The music and sound bytes contain just enough silliness to make the game light hearted and addictive.

The game has a contrasting sense of depth and simplicity. Plants vs Zombies can be learned quickly but lends to more thought out game play and has definite replay value. There is a huge variety of plants with varying capabilities that are offered slowly with each level completion to fend of the endearing deceased. With such clever execution of this contribution to the tower defense genre, PopCap Games has been wildly successful with Plant vs Zombies and for just $2.99 in the app store, you will enjoy the visuals, the music and the humorously engaging elements.

Check out the trailer and the music video!

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