ModNation Racers arrives on Tuesday!

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ModNation Racers arrives on Tuesday!

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ModNation Racers Preview

Vancouver based United Front Games gives us a strong interpretation of the “Play, Create, Share” manifesto with ModNation Racers which will see a PS3 and PSP release this Tuesday.

First introduced at E3 ’09, a demo version of the game is available in the playstation store now and is filled with lots of customizable fun. Giving you the opportunity to play with the customization of character, kart and track, the ModNation Racers demo includes a ‘quick play’ option which will help you become familiar with the controls and give you a taste of what to expect from the title.

ModNation Racers is cute and stylish, easy to play and will allow for some nice E rated online play. Collecting turbo, dispensing and blocking attacks from other racers are all elements you will find in this demo, a concept not unique but one that never becomes tired.

Fans of kart racers will enjoy drifting their way through ModNation Racers which is available Tuesday May 25 for PS3 and PSP. You can get a closer look at the demo now by downloading through your playstation store.

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