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Lost footage FOUND!

That’s right my friends, in the midst of some very troublesome computer woes, an accidental recovery has been made. I am of course talking about the PAX East 2011 Omegathon Final Round. It’s old news, I know this, but it makes me smile every time I watch it and so I am going to share it with you too.

It is presented in two parts and, trust me, you will want to watch it all.


Quality Time With Twisted Pixel!

Crowds of people lining the booth and aisles subject to overflow, all eyes were glued to the big screen for The Gunstringer and Ms Splosion Man were in the spotlight at Twisted Pixel’s booth at Pax East. Fresh off the heels of GDC in San Francisco, Twisted Pixel was going strong and bringing all sorts of fun to the east coast!


I stopped by for a while and got the chance to play Ms Splosion Man, watch their timed tourney (in which they gave away an exclusive Ms. Splosion Man console) and ask Twisted Pixel’s Jay Stuckwisch a few questions about the upcoming titles.

Exclusive console giveaway at the Twisted Pixel booth.

You guys were just at GDC with these games?

Jay: Yeah, we were! Mike and Josh went out. Mainly they were just showing off Ms Splosion Man but they did have Gun there as well. We showed Gun off at the showcase event the weekend before.

Well there is a HUGE reception here at your booth and packed every time I come by. Are you finding that the people here at PAX have been exceptionally receptive or is just everyone loving what you guys are doing?

Jay: It seems like everyone has been really super excited! The showcase event really helped a lot with Gun. I think a lot of people maybe kind of didn’t ‘get it’ you know. And then once people actually saw the game play and how people were responding to it, it really, the fans have just been awesome. And we are really proud of that. For both games!

Okay, I have to ask. So, Ms Splosion Man – is she the next leading female heroine?

Jay: You know what? I would LOVE to think so because she’s pretty awesome to me.


Head on over to to read my full interview with Jay of Twisted Pixel Games.

Hands On at PaxEast 2011


PAX EAST ’11: Super Street Fighter IV For Nintendo 3DS

During my recent visit to PAX East in Boston, I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Nintendo 3DS and play a quick game of Super Street Fighter IV – 3D.

With an incredibly ridiculous line of people waiting to try out the 3DS handheld device at the Nintendo booth, a great tip led us to the Capcom booth – which contained a 3DS demo of Super Street Fighter IV.

Because the game has been released on both the 360 and PS3, I suspect the 3D adaptation of the title (which will release at launch of the newest handheld by Nintendo), was slightly overlooked.



Go ahead. Read the whole experience. HERE.

More From PaxEast 2011


Games designed to help real lives: Jane McGonigal inspires at Pax East 2011

Last week myself and approximately sixty thousand of my new best friends made the trip to Boston to attend Penny Arcade Expo (Pax East). While at PAX I had the opportunity to attend the weekend’s opening keynote panel featuring a talk by Jane McGoginal. Ms. McGonigal was a motivating speaker who touched base with many attendees and spoke of how games make us better, stronger, and can help us with our daily lives.

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