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The 3DS: Nintendo’s next big thing.

Like many others I watched E3 remotly as Nintendo talked about the 3Ds that would soon be unleashed upon the world. With my DSLite not far from reach, I smiled with apprehensive glee. Finally a DS upgrade that I might be interested in.

Granted, I am not a fan of 3d. yet.

Movies, games, and tv manufacturers all on the 3D train, I feel a sort of compelled rebellion to the movement. Don’t get me wrong, I saw Avatar in the theatre too, but I strongly believe that not everything needs to be 3d! NOT EVERYTHING –  do you hear me George Lucas?!

But I digress.

As an already four eyes, the prospect of a small piece of 3D technology (the kind that did NOT require me to wear a second pair of 3d glasses overlapping my already expensive and now scratched spectacles) is somewhat intriguing.  Skeptically I waited and watched.

“Control the level of 3d?  Turn it off completely? You don’t say…..”

Then, more specs started to surface.

According to the release:

  • The 3DS has two cameras on the outside of the device, capable of taking 3D photos and capturing 3D video, as well as a camera positioned above the top screen on the inside of the device which faces the player, capable of taking 2D photos and capturing 2D video
  • The system also has 3D movie playback capability; Nintendo has made deals with Warner Bros, Disney, and DreamWorks to deliver 3D movies.
  • In addition to its own software, the Nintendo 3DS will be backward compatible with Nintendo DS software, including DSi software. Announced titles include Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Kart 3DS.
  • At launch, the Nintendo 3DS cards will hold up to 2GB of game data and look almost exactly the same as those of the current DS
  • It was announced at the Nintendo of Japan press event on September 29, 2010 that the 3DS will have a Virtual Console Service with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and “Classic Games” in 3D. HELL YES
  • Multitasking is available on the 3DS (i.e. You can access web browser while in game).
  • Miis will be available on the system. There will be a new Mii Creator on 3DS with the ability to import from the Wii and create a Mii from a photo taken by one of the cameras. There also will be a 3DS Mii Plaza to house all the Miis you’ve seen in Tag Mode.
  • The system supports multiplayer gameplay via a local wireless connection or over the Internet. Expanding upon the connectivity of the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS features an “always on” background connectivity system that current trademarks suggest the name being “CrossPass” which can automatically seek and connect to wireless network nodes such as Wi-Fi hotspots, sending and downloading information in the background while in sleep mode or while playing a game.

Naturally by now I want that 3DS. I want this device as much as a grown woman can want a DS (turns out that is a LOT).

Carefully,  I am now paying attention to news regarding the 3DS, when I can get it and how much it will be.

But pause for a moment. Sure there are lots of great features but what GAMES will i be able to play? Well it turns out there is a lot on the horizon and even if there weren’t… there remains one. ONE to beat all others in the race to my 3DS heart: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D

Metal Freakin Gear already scheduled for 2011 release.
And oh my lookie here:
Contra, Bomberman, Ninja Gaiden, Zelda? Yes PLEASE.
More News!

Yesterday Nintendo announced the release dates and price point for their upcoming 3DS. Hitting North American stores in March 31, 2011 the 3DS is expected to be sold at approximately $300.


Ouch Nintendo!  We are now looking at the price of a major console. Is this portable gaming system really expecting to compete with the PS3 and 360? Granted I already have those, but most DS users I know are under the age of 18.

So who is your target audience now? I think it might be me. STILL, while i want the 3ds something fierce, and March is possibly long enough away that I might be able to fill the piggy bank with pennies, thats a lot of cashola. Think of all the bills i could pay with that!

How can I justify that kind of spending on a handheld unit?

How will you?

Top Ten Goofy Grin Generating Game Weapons

Top Ten Goofy Grin Generating Game Weapons

As first posted on YourHealthisLow

#10 The Duck Hunt Gun/NES Zapper

Yes I realize that the mere presence of this on list which will inevitably miss some important life altering weaponry for the majority of gamers may cause a few jeers… for many the Duck Hunt gun was one of the coolest controllers…er… weapons to hit our living rooms. The zapper provided hours of fun shooting at not only ducks but clay pigeons, title screens and annoying siblings all over living rooms everywhere!

#9 Original Half life – Crowbar

Gordon’s arm holding this iconic weapon is an image that can be thought of fondly. From bashing open crates to clearing debris to bludgeoning enemies in close range combat; the crowbar is not the most elegant or sophisticated of weapons but dammit, it got the job done and without it what would you and Gordon have been able to achieve? The Half Life crowbar, for these reasons, remains a steadfast symbol of survival.

#8 The Duke Nukem Shrink Ray

The Shrink Ray Gun from Duke Nukem is one fabulous , effective weapon that creates absolutely zero damage. The ability to reduce your enemies to inches and then automatically trample them when near enough, is astoundingly fun. Just be sure to run like the wind once shrunken yourself, and plot your revenge while you wait for the effects to wear off.

#7 Soldier of Fortune Flame Gun

Soldier of Fortune brought gore to a controversy creating level. Being scrutinized heavily by both Canada and Germany for its violent content the game gave us many weapons to love. The ability to ‘remove’ appendages from enemies with carefully skilled shots coupled with goreiffic consequences made this game prime picking for all time weaponry. Despite the weapons of great technology and precision, the Flame Gun is one  heck of a fun way for creating a lot of damage very quickly!

#6 Metal Gear from Metal Gear

From the original begrudgingly created Metal Gear to Metal Gear REX, The ultimate wearing nuclear weapon is oft overlooked. Creating so much controversy among its creators, owners, and obtainers, this game weapon has me squeal with delight after all the anguish and overly complicated plot twists it takes to finally reach this ominous example of game weaponry.

#5 The Chainsaw – Doom, Resident Evil, others

No matter the game there is always room for chainsaw killing action. First winning my heart in Doom, and continuing the bloody love affair in Resident Evil and all that is in between, the chainsaw is a big disgusting mess of destruction. Guaranteed not to be clean a clean killing weapon; watching the splitter splatter of enemies’ innards is bound to create that big goofy grin, or sly smirk as only a chainsaw can do.

#4  Quake’s Rocket Launcher.

The sheer ability that the rocket launcher in Quake gives you is delightful.  in multiplayer death matches the rocket launcher is undisputable. If you aren’t sure why Quake’s rocket launcher can put a big goofy grin of weaponry destruction upon a gamer’s  face then you have neither hit with or been hit by one of these deadly weapons. I urge you to rectify this handicap post haste!

#3 Gears of War2 – Lancer

This weapon is a bayonet chainsaw and assault riffle and has become synonymous with the game. Whether releasing approximately 15 rounds per second into your enemies or tearing them to shreds during melee combat is your thing, the Lancer is for you! Hold down that B button and hear that thing rev up. Mmm.

#2 Unreal Tournament’s Redeemer

Though tricky with it’s POV use, the Redeemer is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying weapons to use well. The weapon is more effective at close range followed by a quick escape and though it may leave you vulnerable longer than desired you can not deny the wildly gratifying kill at the end of a challenging steer towards the ultimate demise of your enemy.

#1. BFG – Doom

No surprises here. No matter whether you agree or disagree Doom’s BFG is renowned for its immense level of destruction. The first time you fire the BFG you are awestruck and you may even release a whispered curse. As a 13 year old FPS explorer, at the time, I can tell you I did just that.   The colossal devastation that is the BFG is only questioned if you have yet to experience it; in this case, hello! And welcome to the wonderful world of video games 😀