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The Game you can’t Lose! Sharon challenges GamerFitNation

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I love gaming and I love getting fit. The geniuses at Fitocracy made a site just for me* and people like me.  Combining game elements like level ups and quest achievements for fitness workouts is exactly the kind of motivation a gamer like me needs to track my fitness goals and push me to go further and work harder.  And with the help of Fitocracy’s Richard Talens I have something special to offer the GamerFItNation Community so keep reading!

What is Fitocracy? (from

Fitocracy is the game you play to improve your fitness. Play it to track your progress, compete against your friends, and get real results in your physical fitness.

To play, just enter your fitness activities on the Play page every day. As you enter your activities into Fitocracy, you’ll earn points. Over time, you’ll earn enough points to get to the next level. Leveling up means you’ve been keeping up with your fitness. But watch out, every so often leveling up unlocks a special challenge. Beating the challenges and leveling up means you’re making progress.

Who is Fitocracy?

The Team


Brian Wang

Cofounder | CEO


Richard Talens 

Cofounder | CTO


Daniel Roesler 

Senior Engineer


As fitness geeks, Brian and Richard often talked about their experiences helping friends improve their fitness. They would often provide advice and guidance only to see their friends give up for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’d be because they didn’t see progress quickly enough. Other times it’d be because they didn’t have others to work out with them. And many times it’d be because working out was just… well, work.

So in August 2010, Richard got the idea: what if fitness could be turned into a game? After all, both he and Brian understood how addictive it could be trying to get to that next level, beating that next boss, and completing that next quest (not that they spent their childhoods doing that or anything…) They also realized that the addiction games create was the exact same addiction that drives their fitness weights every day.

And so Fitocracy was born. Fitocracy’s mission is to make fitness a more fun, more addictive experience. Play Fitocracy to beat challenges, push your boundaries, and show your friends who’s boss. Get addicted to your fitness. –

Why I LOVE Fitocracy:

It works, plain and simple. I will openly admit that my biggest obstacle when it comes to fitness is motivation. When I was going to the gym it was easy. I would schedule my workout times like I would a doctor’s appointment. I would make plans to meet a workout buddy at the gym to keep me accountable and the workouts came easily. Over the past year I have left the gym and been working out from home, using the outdoors, home gym equipment, and videos to keep me sharp. We all know that one of the great things about working out from the comfort of your own home IS the comfort of your own home.

When I joined Fitocracy a short time ago I immediately joined a ‘group’ of fellow gamers and logged what I considered to be my lackluster workout for that day. I instantly gained a level and an achievement (complete with badge) upon tracking my workout.  This was cool! Then what started happening is that other people in my group were giving me ‘props’ for my workout (the equivalent to a facebook ‘like’ or google ‘+’). The next thing I knew I was not only giving props to others but I was also waiting for the props of my online workout buddies.  I was able to talk about what routines I was practicing, even discuss nutrition, and people started sharing tips and advice with each other in a really positive way. But it’s not all pats on the back! The group and public leaderboards also make it competitive. It doesn’t matter what fitness regime you use, as you are awarded points based on your tracking. So for example while I am heading into week two of P90X, many of my fellow users are running, weight training, and/or practicing yoga. We can compete together across a broad spectrum of fitness programs.

And before I tell you about our GREAT GamerFitNation news I will tell you a little bit more about how this works.

from the Fitocracy FAQs

What do the points mean?

You earn points for every action you log in Fitocracy. Some actions are worth more than others depending on how difficult they are. As you earn points, you’ll see your progress bar fill up. Points are a way of keeping score of how much weight you’re putting into your fitness!

What are levels?

Levels are a way to see how far along you are in your personal fitness. Getting to the next level means that you’ve made progress.

How do I level up?

You level up once you’ve earned a certain number of points. As you progress, the number of points you need for higher levels increases. Sometimes there will even be a challenge for you to complete once you’ve earned all your points before you can move onto the next level.

What are achievements?

Achievements are recognitions for when you do something extra special. They’re designed to be showed off so when you get one, display it loud and proud :)

What are quests?

Quests are optional goals you can try to beat in order to win huge bonus points. You don’t have to attempt them to progress in Fitocracy but doing so is a great way to push yourself further.

What’s the leaderboard?

The leaderboard displays the top X number of players in a few different ways. You can view top achievers of all time, by month, or by week. It can also show you how you stack up against people in your area, people of your age/gender, etc.

The Surprise

Are you ready to join? Well guess what Fitocracy is currently only in beta. “Oh no!”  you might be thinking, but don’t fret, I got your back.  GamerFitNation has an exclusive group invite just for the community here at GamerFitNation. By signing up with this code you will automatically be connected to the GamerFitNation Group where, upon reaching 100 members, I will be posting our first (in a line of many) fitness challenge.  Here we will be able to compete with each other as well as encourage one another to stay on top of our own personal and collective fitness goals.

The Challenge

Our group challenges will reflect our users and the workouts we are logging. We will aspire to gain the most points during a given time, see if we can raise our group’s average level, or see who can get some of the rarest achievements. Here’s the catch though, we won’t start posting challenges until our GamerFitNation group is 100 people strong. Then it’s “Watch out World! Here comes the Gamer Fit Nation!”

Lexington Fit Club

To join me in the first GamerFitNation Fitocracy Fitness Challenge simply sign up at  and use our special invite code: GAMERFIT .  Start connecting with other members in the group and track your workouts to see those wonderful achievements start showing up on your profile.

 Edited to add: If the site is still down for maintenance (a rarity) keep your invite code handy and check back to sign up and join me. I’ll be logging my Plyometrix workout today as soon as it is open again too! =) 

A BIG GamerFitNation  “Thank You” to Richard Talens, Brian Wang, and Daniel Roesler for the special group invite and for sharing our manifesto of bringing gaming and fitness together. Great job! 

*They did not make the site just for me but it sure feels like they did. 😉