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Game Preview: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

The XBLA Summer of Arcade has kicked off to a fantastic start. With Bastion and From Dust already sitting snugly in our 360′s tomorrow’s addition of the anticipated Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is going to be a great addition! That’s right tomorrow, August 3rd, get ready to

“[Challenge] the notion that videogames are not art.” -Xbox Press Release

The game style has been compared to that of Metroid, Castlevania, and Shadow Complex, and the animation is born from the mind of renowned artist, Michel Gagne (who is not only a fellow Sheridan alumnus and a fellow Canadian, but has worked on some of my favorite animated films of all time). The colors, the textures, the minimalist details are artistically engaging but more on that in my upcoming review.

“Blending exploration, intense shooter action, and puzzle-solving with gorgeous artwork, rich storytelling and Hollywood quality presentation, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet draws you into an epic journey full of surprises, danger and wonder.” claims the E3 press release.

Insanely Twisted Game Features Include:

  •  Striking and appealing visual style by renowned artist Michel Gagné.
  •  Innovative and intuitive puzzle design mixed with intense action sequences.
  •  Unique and visually stunning creatures and environments.
  •  Rich worlds and captivating back stories.
  •  Explore the worlds of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet with friends with multiplayer.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is available Wednesday August 3rd through Xbox Live Arcade. And if you still aren’t sold then check out the official trailer and be sure to check back soon for my FULL REVIEW which will be posted at


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