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Quick Poll.

I am fairly certain that I am pretty much ready to begin a venture I have affectionately dubbed…

The NES Challenge

The parameters of said challenge are being fine tuned and will be revealed in the coming days.  Rest assured that while I undertake this challenge I will be keeping keen notes and sharing them via that little tab at the top.

In preparation for my project inauguration I have a quick question for the 5 or 6 of you who visit this top secret gaming blog of mine. Please feel free to answer in a reply to this post. Your response will first come to me so if you would like to remain anonymous or would rather it didn’t show up  please type ANONYMOUS in your response and it will stay just between you and me. 😉


What was your favorite and/or most memorable NES game from your youth?

(meaning it was such when you were such)

Thank you in advance to all who participate! If you happen to be following me on twitter please feel free to answer there if you prefer!