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Operation 7 – A New FPS On A Mission

Operation 7 offers 5 FPS modes that will keep you engaged again and again. Head Hunting, Deathmatch, Survival, Hold Line, and Demolition. Each self-explanatory mode includes over 90 modern weapons based on real-life firearms. The truly enthralling aspect of the weapons plan in Operation 7 is the ability to create your own weapons. With 540 gun parts that you can combine and assemble, you will no longer be content to using the same weapons as your opponents.

Operation 7 is a MMOFPS similar to many other titles in the genre. The game is downloaded to your PC and played through the game’s server in order to connect you with other players. The game has a tutorial and training level that is very reminiscent of another FPS that you may have played *cough*COD*cough*.

The game touts somewhere in the vicinity of 22 maps in which players can engage in quick combat with up to 24 players. The community for the game is growing and I constantly found rooms that were both full, queuing, and idle. The gameplay is fast paced, which makes up for the very familiar feel in what is already an overcrowded genre. There are some unique aspects to the game such as the ability to lean, to heal, and create custom weapons. The character creation is limited and lacks the option to play as a female, but very quickly you forget about that and begin to sift through the weapons selections which coincide with your keyboard’s………..

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