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Talesweaver: The MMORPG with Heart

Based from the Korean novel, “Children of the Runes”, Talesweaver tells many stories through the use of various characters during gameplay. The characters, who are for the most part teenagers, reveal tales of revenge, amnesia, family lineage, adventure, and heroism. Each character’s unique story is dictated by the choices and scenarios that you encounter during the game.

The Characters

The Characters Boris, Lucian, Cloe, Nayatrei, Sivelin, Mila, Maximin, Ispin, Tichiel, Joshua, and Lanziee range in age from 17-24 and have their own individual strengths that they bring to the game. The characters are endearing and excellently rendered. During my time I chose to play as Boris. Boris is friend to Lucian and feels compelled to watch over him in what felt to me like an older sibling type of relationship. Lucian and Boris together seek adventure and revenge. The character’s histories involve themes such as family, nobility, and magic……….

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