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Grambo Preview: You aren’t dead yet, so go kick some butt!

Origianlly posted BY MYASHARONA at Gamerfitnation

– JULY 5, 2011

Gamers making Games

Every so often in life you meet someone who has a combination of skill, talent, and determination which allows you the confidence to say “that person is going places”. I have been fortunate enough to meet a few people like this over the past few years while writing for gaming sites and meeting gamers from all over the world. It pleases me no greater than to tell you about a new FREE game for android featuring the artwork of former colleague H.B. Duran (who you may know as GG Angel Thanatos) developed and published by Katun Studios.

Ethel, a 90 year old woman, finds herself alone in the world the day she needs to refill her blood pressure medication. Her license, long gone, her vehicle taken by greedy relatives, and her care taker vanished; yet she must manage to get from her home to the pharmacy.  Fend off the obnoxious youth,  head- strong cyclists, annoying oblivious roller bladders, and much more with no more than the help of your trusty motor-scooter, your good eye, and your solid oak throwing cane on this epic survival adventure to show the world, no matter how old you get, you aren’t dead yet.

Don’t expect cookies from this grandma…

This top down upward scrolling wheelchair ride is tons of fun. I played my way through it marveling at how games are ever made at all. No matter the size or budget of any studio knowing that gamers are making your games, makes the experience mean more as a consumer. Passion is always evident in your work. /lifelesson

Grambo is a FREE game in which you can steer an angry old lady through the streets on a quest to get her medication as soon as possible…if only these razzerfrazzing kids would just get out of the way. Use your cane as a weapon! Power up with prune juice! Beat your score as you steer your wheelchair away from obstacles.” – H.B. Duran

“Hope you enjoy the game” says HB “I recommend playing it when you’re supposed to be working. But you didn’t hear that from me.”