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Child’s Play Makes Hospitals Happy


What was the best gift you received this holiday? Was it game related?

Thanks to charitable gamers and fund raising efforts around the world, children in over 60 hospitals worldwide this holiday will get some epic win gear!!

A two million dollar congratulations goes out from everyone at Girl Gamer to Child’s Play for their amazing record breaking year in 2010 by raising $2,294,317 and organizers could not be happier.

Humble Indie Bundle donating $300,000, LoadingReadyRun’s Desert Bus for Hope marathon raising $207,000 and Gears of War’s “The Fate of Carmine” t-shirt campaign bringing in $150,000 added to the list of the amazing contributions that the organization received.


“I could not be happier with the record shattering results of our incredible Charity,” said Mike Krahulik, Storm Wizard.”


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Okay. so it’s been a while. :embarrassed:

Confession time: I haven’t been so great with keeping you all updated on my wheelings and dealings lately and for that… WHOOPS!

Hopefully you’ve been following me on twitter and keeping in touch that way.


So to make up for my lackluster transition from November to December get ready for an explosion of girlgamerbomb  goodness.

But trust me when I say great things are a coming.

(Also for archival purposes)

I’d like to offer the following links to some of my articles recently published at

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Now that your mind has been blown, hopefully we can forgive, forget and move past this unpleasantness.






FanExpo 2010: Must or Bust?

This year I again attended  Fan Expo Canada and my gawd the crowds!

Media passes didn’t seem to mean much for most people and I missed more than 1 important scheduled event!

Boo-urns to that!

But was it worth all the hassle?

Check out my impressions at