Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for your Lady Gamer

Originally posted BY MYASHARONA – DECEMBER 2, 2011 at GamerFitNation


Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for your Lady Gamer

Rumor has it that some men (and women) find the holiday shopping season to be a little daunting. I’ve also heard that the men folk, most typically, like to leave the daunting task of shopping until the last few panicked-filled days before the big deadline. Well guys, I hear ya! Procrastination is as common and the flu this time of year (something  else you are likely to bring home with you from the mall. Yuck!). But there may be one small hitch in your plan kids. If you happen to be shopping for a lady gamer this season chances are your shopping efforts will be far more successful if done online. And, guess what, now is the right time to get surfing for that perfect lady gamer gift.

So you want to get your lady gamer friend, girlfriend, or significant other a kickin game related gift that goes beyond the newest titles? That’s fine. Remember that the games themselves always make a great gift, as do gift cards to game stores, points cards for PSN or Steam, subscription cards for XBL, and the accessories that every gamer eventually collects and uses (personalized controllers, new headsets, etc). But if you are looking for something a little extraordinary, but still thematic, then read on!

Don’t worry guys and gals, I won’t leave you in the lurch. I have compiled some of the best gifts on the ‘net’ for your lady gamers. Take a look at some of the gift ideas that any lady gamer on your list would be happy to receive!


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Red Power Ring


Red, the color of crimson determination. Fiery and bold, it commands with hot intention.
This artisan hand-finished rhodium plated cast .925 solid sterling silver ring boasts the elegant look of platinum without the heavy price. Rhodium is a highly reflective metal currently valued at about four to six times more than gold.
The symbol’s translucent color reflects and shimmers in different lighting, giving the illusion of being either dormant or magically lit from within.


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Portal Socks


While the Long Fall Boot is currently unavailable outside of Aperture Laboratories’ testing facilities, you can still sport the latest look in test subject fashion with these Long Fall Socks. As part of a previously mentioned test protocol, we are required to tell you that these socks won’t actually help you survive any long falls, however they will make your feet look attractive whether you’re safely on the ground or plummeting towards an imminent demise.

From 80’s Tees

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PacMan Tank Dress


Forget the fact that the descriptor is telling you how sexy these tank dresses will make you and consider for a moment a great pair of tights, perhaps some knitboots and scarf, or even consider this as a great night dress.


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Controller Replica Soaps

Approx $10.00 – $22.00 (depending on which you choose, size, etc)

Gamers spend so much time gaming that the soap sitting in the tub often gets neglected. Now, gamers don’t have to part with their consoles to get clean! This 3-D replica of the PlayStation controller weighs a minimum of nine ounces and is hand carved on the bottom. Each soap is individually handcrafted in the U.S. Makes a great conversation piece and modern home decoration.



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Tetris Mirror

Approx 75.29

Tetris Mirror is comprised of thirteen interlocking mirrored acrylic panels, which can be arranged on your wall to form a rectangle, or broken apart into their individual puzzle blocks. It is laser-cut out of an acrylic mirror sheet. It wastes minimum amount of material in manufacturing and takes up minimum space when packaged.


From Igor Chalk

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Space Invaders Sofa


An instant conversation starter, this unique retro gaming inspired couch will be the highlight of any room. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California; to insure the highest build quality. It features and all fine leather pixelated retro design, a low profile, and memory foam cushions.


From KeezeCreations

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MegaMan Winter Hat


Made from super soft double-layered fleece, foam inserts in the crest, polyester batting in the ear muffs. One size fits most and they do stretch. Hand wash in cold water, dry flat.

From Fun Toy Mall

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Centipede Game Storage & Tv Stand



From Assassin Apparel

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Slightly Pissed Off Birds Short Heel Women’s Shoes



From Jeep

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2012 Jeep Call of Duty/Modern Warfare Edition Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited



Only one vehicle is tough enough to play in your world. Built on the Rubicon platform, this hero stands ready for deployment. Be one of the few to carry the Call of Duty® MW3 theme into your day-to-day campaigns.


So no matter who may be on your list this holiday season there is no time like the present (get it? present…) to get surfing for that truly unique gift for the lady gamer on your list. And while you may not need to grace her with the new Call of Duty edition Jeep Wrangler, there is sure to be something out there that will make your gift giving reflect the little extra care you’ve put into the hunt.

And remember, the holiday season doesn’t have to break your bank. Be financially responsible and don’t put yourself into debt this December. If you don’t have the extra cash this season nothing beats a mutliplayer game rental, a bucket of popcorn, and a couple of controllers. Your time is worth far more than your financial crisis. She (or he or anyone) will just be thankful that you care.




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