10 Reasons Dating a Gamer Rocks!

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So it’s 2011 and suddenly being a geek became the ‘cool’ thing to do. Mainstream acceptance of comic book, sci-fi, and tech loving folk has not only made so-called geeks feel more comfortable with their place in society, but now a days it is hard not to find a person who won’t profess their nerdish tendencies about something in particular (and yes regular video game players somehow seem to fall into this category). Like all social sways this has opened up a whole new look on the dating world and the people in it.

In as far back as 2005 Craigslist user published this post (here)  about the reasons she thought nerdy boys made for better boyfriends.  In a more recent post, on well trafficked site Gizmodo, (here) a female contributor published a post about her dating experience with an avid player of Magic the Gathering and did so in a way that would suggest that dating a gamer is a bad thing.  Whether you are akin to the current geek trend, confused or bewildered by it, or simply don’t give a rat’s behind, here are what I consider to be

10 Reasons Dating a Gamer Rocks.

*Please note that my list is not based on scientific studies, surveys, or even unofficial polls but rather a lifetime of long term, long distance, and, in some cases,online dating. The following are vast generalizations about the benefits of dating male or female gamers based on my experiences and each person is an individual who may or may not share in these personality traits regardless of their interests in video, table top, and card games.

#1. Gamers are Young at Heart. Being able to see the value in entertainment, playing with friends, and allowing for an appropriate amount of time for escapism can really aid in coping with the everyday stresses of life. No matter what your age being young at heart suggests that you don’t let the problems of the world over-whelm the ability to enjoy life. For the most part gamers have this one in the bag.

#2.  Gamers are Smart. Many gamers spend a lot of time learning about the games they play. Whether it is an intricate battle system, a challenging environment, a detailed plot, a cast of characters, or just about any other system required to play a good game well, gamers are learners. Often times problem solving skills, ability to troubleshoot tech devices, and a broad knowledge of history and the world can be associated with folks who revel in some interactive entertainment on a regular basis. I’m not getting scientific or anything here but trying to have an intelligent conversation with a gamer is almost never disappointing.

#3.  Gamers are Social. YES, it’s true. Despite the popular belief that gamers are antisocial awkward human beings who never interact with ‘the outside world’, this is a very damaging misconception. The truth of the matter is that gamers ARE social and also tech savvy. Gamers will chat in game, online, and over the internet. Gamers gather and role dice together, LAN together, and even party together. Don’t believe me? Take a visit to your next nearest con or just watch some of the footage from big name events like PAX, Comicon, or FanExpo and you’ll see that gamers are social and always ready for fun.

#4.  Gamers are Romantic. There are so many out of game proposals that gamers have created with the utmost thought, romance, and sincerity but for the sake of this argument I turn your attention to in-game exhibit A and B  Exhibit A.

  •  Exhibit B

The truth of the matter is that gamers just get it. They understand that conventional romance is not the only kind of romance and know that in order to obtain your affections, long term, they need to tap into the things that make youswoon (even if it’s not gaming related). My heart swells every time I see that CT in game proposal or think about all the effort it took to create the Portal 2 proposal. ;-)

#5.   Gamers are accepting. Gamers are people who, prior to the ‘geek is chic’ craze, found themselves standing just on the cusp of social acceptance. Because of this, gamers will not only accept you for all the things that make you who you are but they will love you for it. Passionate about gardening? A gamer is not a likely candidate to criticize your overt ‘nerding-out’ about the latest perennials.  Like to relax on the weekends in just jeans and tee? Gamers are (in my opinion) less likely to see that you aren’t in your top threads but rather see you for who you are as a beautiful person ‘on the inside’ and junk!

#6.  Gamers are creative. Due to the fantastical escapism that games often afford it is difficult to find a gamer that is completely devoid of all creativity. Many people who enjoy, and are passionate about, video games like to share that passion through creative means. Writing, cosplay, fanart, creating music, videos, even game mods and game creation, are all examples of the creativity of gamers.

#7.  Gamers aren’t shallow. While you still want to date someone you are physically attracted to and who takes good care of themselves to (and vice versa), gamers are often not completely obsessed with the things we associate with a shallow or high maintenance partner. While gamers do like to try and play the newest title of their favorite franchise first, they are often ready to go purchase it themselves and they are even less likely to demand that you buy it for them to sustain the relationship. Gamers like you for who you are and appreciate the fact that you either share their interest or at least tolerate it.

#8.   Gamers share. A gamer will share with you in an instant. Sharing favorite games, knowledge, information, or passions are not uncommon for gamers. This is why there is an overabundance of gaming blogs, good and bad, gameplay videos, and clans/guilds on the net. Gamers like to share.  It’s not likely that you will enter a relationship with a gamer, express an interest in what they are playing, and have them dissuade you from picking up the controller, cards, or dice yourself.  Just like sports, cooking, collecting, or whatever your passions may be, sharing those passions with someone you love can be a very sexy thing.

#9.   Gamers are loyal. If your gaming partner is anything like most, they would rather spend the effort it takes to raid the dungeon, fight the demon, collect the mana, or increase the KDR than be out in some bar trying to pick up. After all he or she has you, and aside from a great group of friends with common interests, some snacks, and a few consecutive hours do get the job done, a gamer doesn’t typically ask for a whole lot more.

#10.  Gamers are no different than anyone else.  Let’s face it, you should not date someone who is a gamer just because they are (male OR female) nor should you dismiss them because of it. People are people are people. Some gamers are jerks as much as some non-gamers are jerks but the things that make each of us special and unique will always go far beyond what a person’s hobbies might be. Gaming might be a part of who someone is, but it isn’t ALL someone is.

The dating scene can be fun and exciting and so can it be tiresome and daunting but when it comes right down to it, finding someone special to share your favorite parts of  life can be worth all the effort you put in.  According tothis website

“As long as you get real with yourself, stop making excuses, know what your really want, stick to it and make it clear to the people that you date, then you will be safe from too many mixed messages, misunderstandings and frustrations. When you treat your goal of meeting the right person seriously and important, then you will stay motivated to find him or her, and when you do- you will finally be able to begin the kind of relationship that you have always longed for, needed and deserve.”


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Sharon is an artist who freelances in illustration, graphics, and web content. Be sure to follow her on twitter @myasharona and catch her as co-host of podcast The DPOD From The D-Pad.

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