Sweet Tooth is Back! All new Twisted Metal!

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Sweet Tooth is Back! All new Twisted Metal!

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David Jaffe Pic

The closing announcement today from Sony at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in LA had the theater filled with gasps. After a recent rumor that a new Twisted Metal was on it’s way, creator David Jaffe was spotted posting a misleading status on twitter in May.

Jaffe posted

“By the way, I WISH we were making a new Twisted Metal. Making game you’ve already worked on is tons easier cuz your core blueprint is already there. This new game design stuff tho? Man, that is hard…reason I’m so stressed these days!”

But Jaffe was playing foolzies.

The appearance of Sweet Tooth and Doll Face filled the faces of gamers everywhere with ear to ear grins at the end of this highly anticipated conference.

With a big PS3 line up promised  for the coming year, this resurrection of the beloved twisted title looks to be a stand above release.

Our favorite multiplayer death match will  accommodate up to 16 players online and is said to have 4 player split screen capabilities. The gameplay demo began with helicopter use, a vehicle not used before now. The gameplay looked amazing, dark, and stylish and of course with familiar levels of destruction and anarchy.

Nuke Mode, new to Twisted Metal, debuted to an excited crowd and promised to give us the chance to pit two teams against one another in and effort to race against each other to destroy the opposing team’s flag which in this case happens to be a large areal suspended metal sculpture.

With an unscheduled 2011 release Twisted Metal will continue to keep us waiting for a while yet before it makes its way to our PS3

To get your peek, check out the official E3 trailer!

Check out the all new NUKE mode

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