Miles Edgeworth and Me.

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Miles Edgeworth and Me.

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Review. Ace Attorney: Investigations

My relationship with Miles Edgeworth began on a whim and a confident recommendation.

Walking in to one of the three game stores I visit on a regular basis, I was met with a new young female associate busy answering a barrage of questions from the seemingly growing group fans. After the satisfied crowd subsided, not purchasing anything, she headed my way and offered assistance.

Just as with every new associate I now go to for my gaming needs, I asked her one important question.

What do you recommend?

Disclaimer: Now this is a risky tactic and I do not recommend asking that question unless you are prepared for the possible answer. I have been recommended every level/genre of game by using this tactic and have followed through every time. I once walked out of a store with a copy of Celebrity DeathMatch for the PS2 because the associate assured me that my ragtag group of friends and I would be in hysterics.

The only thing in hysterics was that associate as I drove away.

Much to my surprise as I stood there with my purchase of Fallout3, the young gamestress recommended the DS title Ace Attorney: Investigations. I asked her a bit about her experiences with the game, purchased it, and put it away for some time. The trepidation of this title came to me in the thought that the game would be ‘too slow’, ‘too anime’ or ‘too childish’. I didn’t play the game for quite some time because I did not anticipate it would be MY cup of tea.

I judged the game before I played it.

Miles Edgeworth is not a new concept, Ace Attorney: Investigations is the fifth game in the Ace Attorney series. By Capcom, the game is available on the DS but has seen life on the GBA, PC, WiiWare and even Iphone.  (you can see Jay’s June review of the Iphone title Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney here!) This title, released in North America in February of 2010, was the second best selling DS title in Japan after their 2009 release and received relatively positive reviews from online reviewers.

Ace Attorney: Investigations is an adventure title that reminded me strongly of the parser based adventure games from my youth. The point and click gameplay is all that you will require to understand aside from some basic movement controls of Miles Edgeworth, our main character. Throughout the game your goal is to collect and present evidence in order to complete the specific case file that you are solving at the time. You will have an opportunity to examine crime scenes, press your witness’ testimony, raise objections and make clear deductions based on your line of logic. Be careful when making your connections, an incorrect deduction or connection can result in the loss of health from your health bar. Once all your health is gone you start again at the beginning of your case file. Connecting evidence and testimony in Miles’ line of logic can sometimes happen with great ease and at other times can take more effort; his logic sometimes taking a rather illogical route.

Ace Attorney: Investigations has a broad cast of characters, some you will know from other Ace Attorney titles such as the proposed main character of this title, Ema Skye, and others who are new to the series such as spunky teen Kay Faraday. The game takes place in ‘the field’ which is contrary to the courtroom setting of previous titles featuring Pheonix Wright. One of your cases is aboard a plane, while another in an amusement park, allowing for scenery changes and comical situations.

The sounds, the music and the characters all mesh together wonderfully in an amusing over the top and purposely dramatic ensemble of accusation and rebuttal. The facial and verbal expressions are animated in a comical fashion and one can not help but be enthralled with the word filled starburst that appears as a character shouts “NOT SO FAST!”

The character design, costumes and hairstyles, will spark even the non cosplayer to take note and reconsider and the disjointed but continuous plot will propel you through the game.

Overall the game played like a good book. A good, choose your own adventure book. There is a lot of reading, compelling characters and lots of wrong turns that will eventually deduce you to the correct line of reasoning. The game has quotable lines and quirky moments that add comic relief to the seriousness of finding a dead body in the garage and a ransom style kidnapping investigation. If you are a fan of point and click adventure games than Ace Attorney Investigations is a worthy title.

So while I may have doubted the tastes of the new young associate at one of my favorite game shops I find myself inherently glad that I took a risk and the opportunity to appreciate the aspects of a gaming genre I may not ever have paid notice of before. I’ve gone outside my comfort zone and returned with fingers pointing,shouting EURIKA!

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