Scribblenauts: DS

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Scribblenauts, developed by 5th Cell and published by WB, released in September 09, was one of the most anticipated DS titles of 09. Large buzz surrounding the game made its way around the internet boasting innovation and hours of action/puzzle fun.

Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS

The game finds out hero, Maxwell, clad in the famous rooster hat that was widely popular with gamers who preordered the game, in a variety of situations in which he needs to reach a ‘starlite’ to complete each level. The levels are available in two modes, action mode and puzzle mode and increase in difficulty. The level creator is available for those who feel compelled to create their own levels and challenges, increasing the number of playable levels beyond 210. The WiFi connection allows you to share your created levels with friends.

The game’s appearance is heavily stylized and satisfyingly simplistic. With the whimsical characters, backgrounds and environments, items are clear and concise in a palette of colors that is flat, vivid and bright.

The music is just as whimsical as the appearance of the game and the exaggerated sounds give a glimpse into the humorous possibilities that the unique engine provides.

The most notable and talked about game play feature is the ability for the player to create items for Maxwell to use in his efforts to complete each level. As you play through the levels your ingenuity becomes more and more important and points are awarded for new items used and other factors. The title screen is used as a playable open world in which you can select your setting and create as many items and other characters as you like, creating a wide variety of scenarios to be played out. One of my favorite title screen moments was the ultimate pit of a ninja riding an ostrich who bravely fought my cow riding pirate. There are countless combinations and hours of random fun that can be explored in this seemingly endless library.

Overall Scribblenauts is a fun, unique and light-hearted DS experience that brings out the creativity in the player, or lack there of. Unfortunately the game lacks the addiction factor that some other puzzle/action games do so well and after the novelty of the specific gameplay features wear off, one does not feel compelled to return to the levels.

Scribblenauts is a great game for you if you enjoy a good giggle or like to test the abilities of your brain’s right side. Sharing ridiculous scenarios you have played out in Scribblenauts with your friends and cohorts is one of the great after effects of adding this game to your DS library.

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