TapTap Glee Because It’s Free!

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Well, sort of…

Tapulous and Fox Digital Entertainment recently announced Tap Tap Glee would be making an appearance in iTunes for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  ”Tap Tap Glee combines the finger tapping action of the Tap Tap Revenge franchise with the beloved music from Fox’s genre-defining, award-winning television series, ‘Glee’,” claims a recent High Road press release.

“There has never been an artist-branded Tap Tap game with the breadth of music, features and social media integration that Tap Tap Glee has, and that really speaks to the unique premise of the show and its music,” said Tim O’Brien, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Disney Mobile.  “This game brings together two of the most popular franchises in music to create a must-have gaming experience for all GleeKs.”

Tap Tap Glee is the most recent example of our efforts to deliver amazing experiences to fans of our content on emerging platforms,” said Matt McMahon, VP of Mobile for Fox Digital Entertainment. “The combination of these two incredibly popular brands has produced a fantastic game and another way for ‘Glee’ fans to interact with their favourite music while they’re on the go.”

Music available for the app includes the “Glee” cast’s rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”, the show’s biggest hit with more than one million downloads to date via iTunes, and “My Cup,” from the season two finale.  An additional 50 tracks from the vast library of “Glee” songs are available through In-App Purchase.  Tracks range from pop to classic rock to show tunes, and new promo tracks will be released daily.  eBay Mobile is the presenting launch sponsor of Tap Tap Glee, and will be promoting the eBay app for iPhone and iPod touch.

And yes my friends, hold onto your hats, I decided to give it a try.

Opening the app brings you to a brightly colored screen of choices. Aside from playing the game you can use the app to be social with your friends online, watch video clips from the TV show, enter the yearbook (which seems to be photos of the cast of the television show), or enter an area called “Gleeks vs Jocks” in which you determine your allegiance and then you can connect with other like minded gleeks or jocks through facebook connect.

The game itself reminded me a lot of Donkey Konga, Guitar Hero, and similar rhythm games with one objective: match the rhythm notes. In this instance instead of drumming the bongos or wailing on the guitar you tap, tap, tap your heart out. The game begins by giving you three free tracks to play but be aware, they are not full tracks. Almost every time i found myself on a streak, or about to prepare for a solo’s onslaught, the song would fade out and end. With multiple difficulty levels some replay value is built in as you make an attempt to reach perfection, but songs cost money. Priced at around $0.99 per track this game could add up quickly for any music or glee enthusiast. You can also earn credits in the game that can be put towards your purchase through a facebook like and other social media connects.

Features of Tap Tap Glee include:

  •  Three included tracks: “Don’t Stop Believin,” as well as Glee cast originals “Hell To The No” and “My Cup.”
  •  An additional 50 “Glee” tracks available through In-App Purchase.
  •  Continuous music updates: Download daily song promotions and purchase new music bundles every Tuesday.
  • GleeKs vs. Jocks Facebook Wall: Connect to the GleeK vs. Jocks Facebook wall, and choose to be either a GleeK or a Jock. Click on a friend’s profile and “slushy” them by posting to their Facebook wall.
  •  McKinley High Yearbook: Character bios, quotes and photos from “Glee” cast members.
  • Video Gallery: Exclusive video from Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
  •  Live Tweet Wall: See up to the second tweets for all things #Glee

The launch of Tap Tap Glee in the App Store coincides with the theatrical release of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie in theaters in August 12th, with additional content updates expected around the launch of the third season of “Glee” on Fox.

So while I myself may not be a ‘GLEEK’, this one is a must have for any enthusiast. Sharing your scores with friends, following the newest episodes, and having quick fan access to the cast bios will add continuing appeal. Tap Tap Glee is available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore for FREE but expect to spend some money on creating a playable library.

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